Being first brewed by the monks, Tripel Karmeliet is now the drink brought to perfection.

This beer is a complex bronze-gold color with thick foam. This interesting combination is obtained not only due to the use of three types of cereals, but also due to the moderate content of hops and house yeast with a fruity character (banana and vanilla). Perfectly balanced flavor of this beer can for sure be called perfect. Breathing it in, you feel the light touch of vanilla mixed with citrus.

The alcoholic strength of the drink is 8.4 %.

It should be noted that Tripel Karmeliet was awarded a Gold Medal in 1998 and a Silver Medal at the 2002 World Beer Cup held in the United States. Also won Golden Medal at the World Beer Championships in 1998 , was awarded Special Medal at the Beverage Testing Institute in 2000 in the United States, in 2004 was awarded a Gold Medal at Brewing Industry International Awards in London and received Golden Medal at the 2005 European Beer Star Germany. And in 2008 was voted the Best Ale in the World, winning high-sounding title "World's Best Ale" at the World Beer Awards in London.
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