Bohemia Premium Lager

«Volynski Browar» is a new trademark on the market of Ukrainian craft beer. The brewery is located in town Berezne, Rivne region, Ukraine.
The heart of «Volynski Browar» is a system of brewing equipment produced by Slovak specialists from Blonder Beer plant, together with fermentation tanks CCT, where beer undergoes fermentation and «maturation» during a month.
It should be noted that the brewery has its own beer filling equipment in glass bottles and kegs.

Light filtered beer is brewed according to the recipe of Czech brewers by using a combination of barley malt and two types of hops.

The bitter one is used to show its intense character while the aromatic hop complements the flavour bouquet. Bohemia beer is a Czech Premium Lager, it has strong but pleasant taste, yet at the same time it is integral, having an impressive foam - as it has been drunk in Czech Republic for ages.

Plato 12,0°
Alchohol 4.4%
IBU 18
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