Blond Ale

The leader of European sales among Belgian ales.

English hops, barley from sunny France, Belgian yeast - the best traditions of European brewing are embodied in the pale ale Palm. Special technology of malt roasting gives the beer a rich amber-bronze color.

Palm Brewery is located in the Belgian province Brabant. The brewery received its name during the First World War. A bomb hit the brewery, almost completely destroying it. But the owner decided to rebuild the brewery, follow traditions and continue the production of Belgian ale. In honor of the "new birth", the brewery became known as PALM - "palm branch", a sign of the winner.

Thanks to a special kind of malt, PALM has a delicate and juicy honey taste. And unique yeast perfectly complements the aroma palette with fruity notes.

It has an excellent structure with a white froth, a deep saturated amber color.

The alcohol content is 5.4%.
The extract of the initial wort - 12.4%
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