Moortgat brewery was founded 1871 by Jan Aren.
Inspired by English Ales, he created a similar beer.
In 1923 Duvel beer appeared on the market. A special strain of yeast is used, what gives this beer its unique taste.

Duvel is one of the most appreciated in Belgium.
Its name in Flemish means "devil." They say that one incorrigible drinker, after tasting it, exclaimed: "Damn it, it's a real devil, not beer!".

Duvel is a dense double-malt strong Belgian ale.
Beer ferments three times, and then is filtered.
It has a very rare flavour due to the special kind of hop — Styrian Goldings.
The colour is light with a slightly reddish hue, the taste is fruity. The foam is abundant, persistent.

The alcohol content is 8.5 %.

Served at temperature of 8-10 °C.

It goes well with fish, seafood.
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