Wee Heavy

The project of the Rodbrau plant construction and launch was implemented by the company Kiy-Pivo together with the Institute of Food Technologies and in close cooperation with Czech brewers.

The main technologist of the plant is the famous Czech brewer Przemysl Brozh.

The production uses imported high-quality raw materials and water from its own well 78m deep.

Wee heavy

This is a dark filtered beer, strong Scottish-style ale.
Beer with a rich taste of caramel, toffee and dried fruit. Floral hop shades are very light, bitterness is not high.
The drink is warming, but not at all of alcoholic taste.
Alcohol is well hidden with malt complexity and a dense texture.

Alcohol content - 6.5% vol.
The density of the initial wort is 16.6%.
Bitterness (IBU) - 18
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