Premium Verum

The German beer Warsteiner has been brewing since 1753.
Warsteiner is a private company and the most famous beer brand in Germany.
The products of this brand are sold in more than 70 countries of the world.
Today the owner of the company is Katarina Kramer - a representative of the ninth generation of breeder founders - the family Kramer.
The flagship of this brewery is Warsteiner Premium Verum.
This is an international premium pilsner, which, according to the German Beer Purity Law, is prepared using four main components: water, malt, hops and yeast.
The quality of the Warsteiner begins with raw material: it is a fragrant hop from the HALLERTAU Gardens (the best gardens in the world), barley from Germany and France, and special soft water for brewing.
The result is a radiant, golden-colored beer with a light resistant foam. The fragrance combines the nuances of lightly roasted malt and spice hops. Taste - dry, invigorating. Saturation is light, bitter taste of hop provides a long aftertaste.

Alcohol content - 4.7%.
Original Gravity is 11.4%.
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