Legendary beer from Belgium, a great strong ale with good taste!
Brewed in the best traditions of the classic recipe.

The taste of the beer Pauwel KWAK is full-bodied and dense, foam is persistent, the aroma is unobtrusive. Perfect drink for a really good lunch or dinner. With this beer you can combine a variety of snacks, including hot and cold dishes of meat, fish and vegetables, simple and noble cheeses.

The special appeal and poignancy to Pauwel KWAK gives the legend that surrounds this brand.
Its history dates from the eighteenth century, and the author of the recipe is pretty simple brewer Pauvel Kwak, who lived in the town of Buggenhout. He had a small coaching Inn with a restaurant where you can eat, relax, sleep. Guests so much liked his beer, that they often took it on the road. In those days the roads were long, and coachmen were not able neither to rest nor eat because they were forbidden to leave the horses unattended. Kwak decided to give the coachmen a beer for the road, for this he invented the original glass and a stand for it. Today, these glasses with stands are interesting popular souvenirs.

The taste of this beer is very rich, but the flavor of it is very moderate.
It's a fine example of a strong pale ale. High quality of the drink is confirmed by many awards, medals and ratings, including the status of "Exclusive Beer".
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