Oettinger is a trademark of German beer originating from the Bavarian town of Oettingen. It's the most popular beer of Germany, which is positioned in a cheap price segment. The leader of the domestic market for total beer sales (634 million gallons in 2010).

Produced in five Breweries in different parts of Germany, as well as by license agreements in foreign production facilities. In Ukraine it's produced on capacities of PBC "Radomyshl".

OeTTINGER Weiss is "wheat classic bavarois", brewed from wheat and barley malt, but according to the technology of bottom fermentation. This is not ale, but namely wheat lager. Beer is murky and never filtered.

This variety is the only beer of this brand, which does not correspond to the German Beer Purity Law.

Alcohol Volume - 4,9 %
Original Extract - 12 %.
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