Weisses Original

The Hofbrauhaus Freising Brewery, one of the oldest in Bavaria, is located in Freising, the heart of Bavaria, in a picturesque location among the hills on the Isar River (between the cities of Munich and Landshut). The history of Freising goes back to the Middle Ages.
The plant was founded in 1160 by Bishop Albert I on the Cathedral Hill in Freising. In 1803, the plant became the property of Bavaria, and in 1812 it was transferred to the administration of Princess Leopoldine, which later bequeaths it to her son. Since then, the Hofbräuhaus Freising brewery is a family business, known far beyond the country.
In 2010, the company celebrated its 850th anniversary, in honor of which the city hosted a big beer festival.
Huber Weisses Original is a classic light Bavarian wheat ale. The production uses a large amount of wheat malt, which makes the beer very soft.

Original Gravity is 12.5%
Alcohol by volume (ABV) - 5.40%
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