Hoegaarden is the name of a small town in the Flemish province of Brabant in Belgium. Already in the XI-XII centuries. here they made excellent wheat beer. This tradition was continued by the brewery De Kluis - from 1445 began to brew the famous and revered beer connoisseurs around the world a brand of wheat beer - Hoegaarden Witbier.

This white wheat unfiltered beer of horse fermentation passes through a double fermentation, in which live yeast is added to the already bottled and keg beer. Brewed from 50% of barley malt, 45% unleavened wheat and 5% unmalted oats. At the fermentation stage, coriander and dried orange peel are added. Pleasant, sweet-sweet taste, in the aftertaste there are notes of wheat and coriander, as well as fruit shades.

The color is hazy-golden, the malt aroma. Foam is dense, resistant.

The alcohol content is 4.8-5.0%

Served at 4-5 ° C.

Ideally quenches thirst on hot days and relieves fatigue. It is perfectly combined with dishes from any meat, fish and especially with seafood - squid and mussels.
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