Grimbergen is a Belgian beer produced according to ancient recipes of the Abbey of Grimbergen. Grimbergen beer is exported to almost 30 markets around the world.

First Grimbergen beer was brewed in 1128 at the Monastery of St. Norbert in the town of Grimbergen (Belgium). Throughout its long history the Abbey of Grimbergen many times was completely destroyed due to a fire and then restored. So on the label of the beer appeared a Phoenix and the motto "Ardet nec consumitur" — "Burned but not destroyed." Over time, the image of a bird appeared on the brand glasses.

Grimbergen Blanche is a classic white beer having Golden colour and creamy froth, sparkling bubbles and fruity flavours with a citrus tone that make it pleasant and refreshing. Subtle aroma of spices and bergamot, combined in this beer, is a unique find of Grimbergen Abbey.

Original Extract - 13.2%,
Alcohol Volume - not less than 5,65%.
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