Ths is the famous Trappist ale.
Trappists — Cistercian branch of the Order of Saint Benedict that appeared in 1664.

Today, Trappist beer is brewed in six remaining Trappist monasteries, five of which are in Belgium, one - in Holland.

Beer Chimay is brewed in the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Scourmont since 1862.
Monks-brewers use a very special yeast that cause fermentation at a high temperature. The ale matures in the bottle. Here three varieties of Chimay beer of different strength are made, manufactured under the colored caps: Chimay Red — 6-6,2%, Chimay White is 7.5% and Chimay Blue is 8.75%.

Tis is beer of dark color, the taste is soft fruity, the aroma is fine scented.

It's served at a temperature of 12-16 °C.
Goes well with grilled red meat (beef, lamb, pork), as well as with different cheeses.
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