Belle-Vue Brewery was founded by Philemon Wendenstock in 1913 in Brussels. Now Belle-Vue is a global leader in the production of special beer Lambic and the most famous brand of Belgian fruit beer.

The first written recipe of Lambic Beers dates back to 1516 year, by coincidence, by the same year dates to the Bavarian products purity Law of (Rheinheitsgebot). However, even 5000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia the beer was brewed, which can be called the ancestor of Lambic.

This beer is very difficult to manufacture and the process of its preparation is very long.

Lambic Kriek is a beer of spontaneous fermentation, produced with using barley malt (60-70%), raw wheat grains (30-40%) and hops, is aged for at least three years to reduce bitterness and add flavor.

This beer can mature only in the valley of the river Seine, near Brussels, since in brewing the cultural yeast is not used, and the fermentation process is going due to the natural yeast and bacterias from the air. It's brewed in cold season, from 15 October to 15 May, because in summer the flora is unpredictable. After boiling, the wort is pumped into old oak or chestnut barrels that were previously used for aging wine (Burgundy, port or sherry). On the walls of these barrels and in the air there are the yeast fungi and lactic acid bacteria needed for fermentation.

The main fermentation lasts a week, then dried cherries are added, and then a subsequent secondary fermentation and aging lasts from six months to three or four years.

This and much more makes Lambic beer unique and exceptional, and fruit blends on its basis as if specially created in order to emphasize the individuality of the connoisseur.

Served at temperature of 5-6°C, a good aperitif.
You can drink it and enjoy alone, or with a cheese plate.
Goes well with desserts.

Alcohol content is 5.1%;
The Wort Density is 12.9%.
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