With apricot
As "Sun wine" named the ancient Normans their favorite beverage — Apple cider. It is believed that these harsh Northern warriors invented in the 11th century to prepare of the North sour apples a wonderful light wine that pleasantly dizzy, but leaves the head clear.

Cider is a low-alcohol beverage usually sparkjling obtained by fermentation of Apple juice without added yeast. Ordinary apples, wich we eat, and are not suitable for the production of cider because of the low tannin content. The special varieties selected specifically for this purpose are prefered.

Cidre Royal Apricot is a special cider, created by blending of natural apricot juice in apple cider of high quality at the "Royal Fruit Garden" factory, Zolotonosha, Ukraine.

The strength of the drink usually шы about 5-7%.
Has a Golden color and the smell of apples and apricots.
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